aunti ife


Selina wrote: Dear Aunti Ife, do I have to give wedding souvenirs to each guest or can I just give them per couple? My souvenir is quite expensive and I don’t think I can afford to give everybody one individually.


Aunti Ife says: My dear, you are assuming all the guests will be in twos. What of family members and friends that come in groups? It becomes difficult to choose who gets and who doesn’t. To save yourself the wahala, mix the expensive gifts with cheaper ones that are still nice souvenirs.You can mix them up, or give everyone something inexpensive on the day, then send the pricey gifts to specific guests with thank-you cards after the wedding. Feel free to send me my own gift too 🙂


Do you agree with Aunti Ife? If not, what solutions would you suggest to Selina?

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