At a wedding reception, the cake should be just as important as the brides’ dress. Gone are the days of classic two tiered white cakes basked in sugar. Now we have more elegant, bespoke and fun cakes to add some wow-factor to your day. And when you have a colour scheme, who says you can’t spread the colour palette throughout every aspect of your wedding including your cake?! We think you should not be afraid to inject a little (or a lot) of colour into your wedding cake, which can add to the over-all theme to a wedding.

Here we have a list of 7 colourful selections of ‘non-white’ wedding cakes:

Yellow is for the Spring Bride – she likes subtle colours with a burst of freshness.


Pink would mostly suit the Romantic Bride; wants the fairytale to transcend into her cake. If you fall into this category – you love all things sweet and nice!


Pale Green marries well with your Classic Bride. The colour may seem like a step away from the true classical theme. But here the injected colour is almost faint enough to draw her back into the classic woman category.


Baby Blue tone combines excellently for our Nautical Bride. She sticks to colours that remind her of the water. So think sea, think blue!


Rainbow colour is for the Whimsical Bride. Here the bride loves colour; she doesn’t adhere to any rules when it comes to matching. She may mix a combination of colours together to throw-up a rainbow party!


Brown hues sticks like glue to the Rustic Bride. She loves nature, and bringing outdoors inside is almost second nature.


Black and white is reserved for the Vintage Bride. The key to this cake is to make a bold statement with the grace of Hollywood glamour!


Let’s hope our colourful themed selection of cake has inspired you to take a bold step towards adding colour to your cakes!

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