Now, this one is for the guys. Ladies, you can simply copy the link and forward it to the man in your life. Hopefully, he gets the not-so-subtle hint! LOL.

Here at The Wedding Company, we believe the proposal is just as important to the marriage as the wedding itself. The words “will you marry me?” are essentially the keys that open the door to the land of potentially “happily ever after”. A proposal is the cherry on top of the dating sundae; it’s like the guy’s last ditch effort to convince his belle that he is the one for her. A proposal that is thoughtful, sincere, and intimate is sure to help the proposer sweep his chosen one off her feet and leave a lasting impression for years to come.

So, I took to the streets to ask what one factor ladies thought was key to making a proposal memorable. After talking to a few ladies, I was able to narrow it down to FIVE important tips.

1. Include Your Loved Ones

Chloe said: “My family and I are very close, so it would make the proposal all the more special if he found a way to incorporate them in it. I’ve seen a lot of Youtube proposals were both families are present and it just means so much more.”

Funmilayo said: “I know this might sound crazy but it would mean a lot to me if my dog Stella is included in my proposal story. I’ve had her for 12 years now and she’s very old, but she’s been in many of my life’s milestones.”

2. Choose a Special or Favourite Place

Dubem said: “My boyfriend and I went to high school together and so we spent the first years of our relationship in our school. A lot of our early memories were formed there, so it would only be fitting if he asked me to marry him in the place where it all began.”

Maya said: “My boyfriend and I were long distance one summer and there’s this tiny town called Tweed on the Greyhound Bus route, right between where I lived in Toronto and where he lived in Ottawa. We have a lot of cheesy inside jokes, if you can call them that, about Tweed. We always said we’d actually visit the tiny town one day. I think it would be the perfect place to get proposed to.”

3. Add Some Entertainment

Robyn said: “A sure fire way to make a proposal memorable is to have some form of unexpected entertainment. Kanye West drove the point home when he got a live orchestra to play an instrumental of Lana Del Rey‘s song on the Great Gatsby soundtrack, Young and Beautiful, as he proposed to Kim Kardashian. Very few people have the money to rent out a stadium and hire an orchestra, but incorporating entertainment like music heightens the wow factor.”

4. The Element of Surprise

Lola said: “It really doesn’t matter to me how you propose, as long as it’s a complete surprise. Don’t so something too out of the ordinary that will send of alarms, like a helicopter ride and such, or something too obvious like a scavenger hunt. Whatever you choose to do, you want to play it down until the big finale.”

Ese said: “Take her to dinner or something basic, and then on your way home from dinner wow her. For example, you can call a radio station ahead and tell them to make an announcement at a certain time that coincides with when you’ll be going home. Then on your way home stop at the beach or something and have the radio announcer say something like “A lucky lady is going to get proposed to tonight”, right before you get to the beach. Once you pull up, help her out of the car, go on one knee and do it. You can add fireworks, for when she says yes. Yeah.”

5. Get It All On Camera

Faridah said: “The proposal will go by so fast and she will be presumably in such shock that you should probably find a way to discreetly record it. It is a keepsake memory, one you’ll want to have forever. And she will really appreciate it.”

Alana said: “The reaction shot is always priceless, and this way you two can relive the moment over and over. It’s also a quick way to share the news with family, friends and even strangers who will ask again and again how it happened.”

All the tips make very strong points and they are also not mutually exclusive. They can all be incorporated in various ways to make one super sweet proposal. But by far the most important part of the proposal, more important than all the ways you express your creativity, is what you say to your love; before you get to the magic words, you want to recount your journey together and speak sincerely from the heart on why this weighty decision comes so easily to you. You can do this by saying exactly how much they meant to you and what it is that has made you decide to spend the rest of your life with them. Use your own words, be sincere, be serious. Don’t be afraid to cry!

All the best!




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