Summer is a popular time for weddings around the world.  Even if you live in a permanently warm climate like ours, you can still infuse summer styles and inspirations to bring your Big Day to life.  We at The Wedding Company have selected a few of the 2013 summer trends that we know will have your guests saying “WOW!”




Think sophisticated bright:

Sticking with just two hues (or two plus an accent colour) will keep your space unified. Rather than splashing colour all over your reception space, use one dynamic colour for a strong statement


Mint theme:

Mint is a colour  very much in-vogue this year. It oozes calm and sophistication, while complimenting other bright summer colours such as pink, orange and yellow.


  Bright lighting:

This season is all about warmth so be sure to reflect that in your reception venue lighting. Colours like blue and deep purple connote more wintry associations s try warm hues to give guests that sultry summer’s evening feel.


Fun and fruity dessert bar:

Instead of just the regular cake, have some colour-popping fun with a dessert bar that brings out the big kid in us all


Unique guest books:

Guest books that capture the couple’s beautiful journey together, using favourite old photos with guests writing well-wishes around them.



The Food Truck Frenzy:

 Instead of just a boring buffet, entertain your guests with a fun food truck with food from burgers and hotdogs to grills. This is especially perfect for outdoor free-flowing weddings were guests can roam. Think Summer Fete theme! Remember, don’t feel restricted to conventions.


Its summer! And needless to say, It’s never too late to add something new to your wedding.


The Wedding Company Team