Stephanie is a Senior Wedding Consultant and Business Strategist with The Wedding Company.
She is a true professional with strong organisational and planning skills. She loves all things pretty and floral making her our resident decor guru. With her meticulous attention to detail she can effortlessly convey your dream wedding decor in her sought after mood boards. With a background in Management Consulting, Corporate Events Management, Marketing and Communications, the combination of her vocational training, warm and vibrant personality make her the ideal wedding planner any couple would delight in working with. She is very passionate about delivering world-class service to clients and she would stop at nothing till your dream vision is achieved.

Stephanie what do you love most about weddings?
What I love the most about weddings is the decor surprise surprise, the coming together of two families and of course the love that radiates from a couple completely besotted with one another.

What’s your ideal romantic wedding?
An intimate ceremony and reception in a historic and beautiful palace or manor house surrounded my loved ones and my favourite flowers exquisitely decorated around the venue. Amazing food, lots of laughter, dancing and good vibes all round.

What’s the most entertaining wedding you can imagine?
Definitely a State or Royal Wedding. I love all the pomp and pageantry!

And your dream honeymoon destination?
My dream honeymoon will be 2 weeks away for a city and beach break in Kuala Lumpur and Bali. A great mix of activities including; sightseeing, shopping, dining out, lots of relaxation, tons of massages and spa treatments, water sports and swimming in the sea.