Our resident social butterfly- Teni, enjoys nothing more than producing spectacular weddings where the bride and groom’s needs are best met. Passionate about the creative world, with a background in Media advertising and TV presenting, Teni likes to ensure that a good time is had by all. Being adaptable with design concepts, she has a keen-eye for wedding aesthetics, from décor through to invitation designs and is never shy of putting ideas forward.

Teni what do you love most about weddings?
The ultimate fun wedding is when the bride and groom are happy and enjoying themselves totally oblivious of the madness backstage while we fix it.

What’s your ideal romantic wedding?
A small sized destination wedding in a picturesque location with close friends and family.

What’s the most entertaining wedding you can imagine?
Toni Braxton as a guest performer.

And your dream honeymoon destination?
A month long…A week in four different destinations. Jamaica, Vegas, Thailand and Hawaii!.