1 wedding. 4 events. An average of over 1,500 guests per event. Most talked about wedding of the year. Wedding of the year!

We were lucky to have a bride in Bella Adenuga who knew exactly what she wanted, from the opera singer, to the magic show to the ambience, to the on-the-day orchestration, this wasn’t your typical wedding! We were then faced with the task of bringing it to life just the way she saw it. She wanted something classy and orchestrated and she got exactly what she wanted.

We pulled a lot of all-nighters, spent a lot of time brainstorming, generated hundreds of brilliant ideas, discarded hundreds of brilliant ideas…we had to make hard choices! We worked with our team of experts, from traffic management gurus to fireworks and safety professionals, the venue, people’s movements, the security systems. Oh, and we rehearsed everything. Twice!

For the event as a whole it was very important for Bella to have her close friends around her all the time, as we couldn’t do much about the number of invited guests,  we were then faced with the challenge of creating an intimate event within a huge event and we think we pulled it off!

Flowers and décor shipped in from all corners of the world by our venue designers; coordinated to arrive FRESH exactly when they were required. The decor was out of this world and yes it had never been done before in Nigeria!