For Daniella and Cees, it was a traditional affair and an education in Nigerian weddings for Cees and some of his friends and family.

This Dutch prince was coming to seek the hand of a Nigerian princess in marriage so they chose to honor Daniella’s family and cultures. As romantic as this may sound it had to be done right. It was important that we infused her culture into the wedding design but also more important that the guests had a lot of fun.
It was lovely to see both sides of the family participating at the ceremony. Their beautiful morning Ibo ceremony took place at the bride’s home with the lunch reception immediately following. That day, the venue played host to a cocktail hour and lunch/dance reception. We brought a colourful African feel to the reception with custom draping masks and bamboo sticks with several chandeliers.

We had our ushers hold the limbo stick with one guest following the next, shimmying under the stick all night long. The DJ kept everyone on the dance floor all night – whether it was the oldies, or a ‘naija’ song but not sure anyone beat the newlyweds, they reminded everyone that this was their party!